Step in and step up your drive with the all new Tiggo 8 Pro. Luxuriously detailed and designed, packed with the latest comfort, safety, convenience features, the Tiggo 8 Pro is a 7-seater, turbocharged, premium SUV ideal for the businessperson on the rise, and their whole family. Get ready for prime position and enjoy your first class! Designed by some of the world’s leading car stylists, it is a vivid expression of grace and power all the way from the tiger-like front face and starry-night grille to the penetrating beltline that runs all the way to the back of the car. With a 1.96m2 skylight (both panels), the Tiggo 8 Pro gives passengers a truly panoramic view of the sky, whether they’re watching clouds, stars or skyscrapers. With one-touch ON/OFF/Warped functionality, the glass anti-pinch design protects occupants from accidental injury, while the sunshade provides a 100% shading effect, keeping any unwanted heat from the sun outside the cabin. Unobtrusive yet still super-functional, the Tiggo 8 Pro’s aluminium alloy one-piece load-bearing roof rack supports a load of up to 80kg, just in case the spacious interior storage isn’t enough. In the Tiggo 8 Pro, you’ll never have to go without. Made from super quality aluminium, the Tiggo 8 Pro’s alloy rims are comparable to those found on a sports car and add an athletic image to the exterior design. Made from super quality aluminium. With HD quality, wide-angle images, the Tiggo 8 Pro’s reverse image system displays dynamic auxiliary lines, red, yellow, and green alerts. Coupled with ultrasonic radar detector, it can accurately gauge distance, making parking easy and stress free. The Tiggo 8 Pro’s parking brake is activated by an electronic lever tab to make sure that the braking force can be applied to each wheel without differentiation. Autohold maintains braking after the brake pedal is depressed. This is deactivated when the accelerator is tapped. The Tiggo 8 Pro’s EPS (Electronic Power Steering) enables light steering at a low speed and stable steering at a high speed to deliver increased fuel efficiency compared with hydraulic power systems.

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